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How To Get More Fiber In Your Diet

One of the things Tracy and I have been tracking this past year, along with our 3 essential macronutrients, is our dietary fiber.  The 2010 Dietary Guileless for Americans recommends a minimum of 25 grams of fiber per day for women, 38 grams per day for men.  Chances are if you’re not paying attention to your fiber intake, you’re probably far below the recommended amount. Increasing your dietary fiber is beneficial for many reasons, most importantly for heart health, lowering cholesterol, keeping bowl movements regular, and to keep you fuller, longer.  I’m going to share with you some common, easy to find foods, that you can start eating today to increase your daily fiber intake. Continue Reading

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9 Minute Core Tabata

Happy Wednesday!! Let me just say I’m so glad it’s this Wednesday, and not last Wednesday! Last Wednesday my husband left out of town to go help with my brother’s roof replacement in Logan, UT.  He left me home with the three kids AND our new puppy, Rocco. If you have seen my last few Instagram stories you know I struggled a bit last weekend… True Story: I don’t ever really swear (except when my double unders are sucking, but that doesn’t count).  Last weekend I just about dropped the F bomb (like screamed it) in front of my kids more than once. It was a very long 5 days and hats of to all you women who do it by yourselves regularly…yikes. Well, I’d like to say it was mostly because of the dog but who knows.  He is a pain in the bum but he sure is a cutie. Continue Reading

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Mom Crush Rachel Edgel

A new mom crush post is long OVER DUE! First let me say that picking a mom crush is not something I take lightly.  I like to find women who have a story to share and whom I feel we can all learn something from. This week’s mom crush, Rachel Edgel, will not disappoint! When Rachel shared this post on Instagram a few months ago I knew she HAD to be our next Mom Crush!

This strong mama of 5 is tough as nails and ironically the sister to one of our previous crushes, Rebecca Berkabile!  I think the outer, and most importantly, inner beauty of these women runs in the family! Rachel’s post today will have you laughing, crying, and laughing all over again!  If you need a little inspiration on this typical Monday, you’ve come to the right place!
Inspirational Mommies- Moms who balance family life with fitness
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Weekly Workout & BIG Announcement!!

What an exciting few weeks it has been!  Tracy and I have been staying really busy with the macro coaching groups and we couldn’t be happier about it.  Had you told us a year ago we’d be meeting and helping amazing women from all over the world via online nutrition coaching we probably would have laughed and said, “In our dreams!”  Well our dreams have come true and Stay Fit Mom is growing by leaps and bounds every single month. Thank you to all the followers and all our amazing girls who spread the word and have made doing what we do so much fun! We truly appreciate and love you ladies (and some gentlemen)!  Continue Reading

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15 Minute Workout

I can’t wait for Spring Break!! Too soon to be excited about that?  For us it’s only 7 weeks away!  Shoot, now that I think about it 7 weeks is just enough time to hit it hard in the garage gym and focus on my macro counting before sporting my swim suit at the beach for a whole week. We will be beach camping with friends for the first time and to say I’m excited is an understatement.   Continue Reading

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Box Workout

How many of you want to start working out regularly but just haven’t quite gotten around to it?  Often times women set unrealistic goals that aren’t attainable and end up never accomplishing them.  If you don’t currently workout 3-5 times a week and suddenly decide one day that you’re going to go to the gym everyday and workout for 1 hour you’re setting yourself up for failure.  Let me share a little secret with you…you don’t have to workout for an hour everyday to lose weight!   Continue Reading

Macro Friendly, low fat macaroni and cheese your whole family will love! And only one dish to wash!
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Skinny One Pot Chili Mac & Cheese

First of all, that game LAST NIGHT!! I was trying to work on this post but boy it sucked me in and got super exciting!! I’m not a huge football fanatic by any means but my husband sure is and I tend to watch here and there. That game was exciting and I had all the feels for my Tom Brady after the game when he was all emotional. What an exciting night for those players and coaches! Go Patriots!! Anyway, on with the recipe! Continue Reading

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30 Day Macro Friendly {High Protein} Dinner Plan

For the first time in probably a year, I finally feel like I’m getting my sh*t together.  I always call the baby’s first year of life survival mode, and by this I mean that my main goals each day are to keep all three kids alive.  This phase of life for me has largely been categorized by reacting to the kid that screams the loudest.  But I’m happy to report things appear to be turning a corner… for now. Continue Reading