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    Macro Counting

    Moving the Needle on Macros

    “I’ve hit my numbers for 12 days in a row, and I don’t feel any different.  What am I doing wrong?” This is a question I’ve asked myself personally, and have heard…

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    25 Days of Macros Calendar

    Tomorrow, Nov. 28th is the first day of our Stay Fit Mom 25 Days of Macros Challenge!  I hope you’re joining us and ready to kick some serious macro booty this holiday…

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    25 Days of Macros

    We are ecstatic to announce we are doing our second annual Stay Fit Mom 25 Days of Macros Challenge!  It was such huge hit last year, and we personally loved the accountability,…

  • Macro Counting

    How To Get More Fiber In Your Diet

    One of the things Tracy and I have been tracking this past year, along with our 3 essential macronutrients, is our dietary fiber.  The 2010 Dietary Guileless for Americans recommends a minimum of…

  • Everything you need to know about eating out and Macros from
    Macro Counting

    Eating Out and Macro Counting

    Cooking everyday is sort of the pits.  This is when I start to look back on my own childhood and think that my mom was a freakin hero.  She cooked, she cleaned, she did…

  • Everything you need to know about the macro counting diet and if it's the right fit for you.
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    Macro Counting 101

    So we’ve been buzzing all about the amazing world of counting macros and how it’s been so successful for us and so many of you, but some of you are still wondering what…