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Enduring with Macros

One of the hardest things for us to overcome when it comes to weight loss, is time.  No matter your circumstance, it’s HARD to be patient.  One of the first things we tell our new macro nutrition clients is that their progress is not just measured by the scale and it will most likely not move as quickly as they want it to.  Not only can the process sometimes feel long, but it also comes with it’s trial and setbacks.  One of our macro ninjas, Anna, is the perfect example of enduring to the end and trusting the process, despite what the scale says, or what happens in her life each and every week.  Anna recently hit her 1 year macro anniversary with us and we couldn’t be more proud of her! Continue Reading

Easy, perfect for one cake and ice cream treat! #stayfitmom #thenextwave, #ad, #icecreammonth #proteinicecream
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Berry Mug Cake Cobbler & the Next Wave of Ice Cream

July is my month people!! Did you know that July is Ice Cream Month!? As if anyone needs an excuse to enjoy more ice cream, am I right? I’m no stranger to fitting ice cream in my macros on a regular basis, and Swell, The Next Wave of Ice Cream, makes it so easy! Did you know that Swell Ice Cream has more protein per serving than any other better-for-you ice cream out there?! Every single flavor they offer has 10g per 1/2 cup serving, and less than 2.5g of fat! I just CAN’T STOP SHOUTING ABOUT THIS!! My favorite way to eat Swell Ice Cream is on top of this warm, fresh, berry mug cake cobbler!  Continue Reading

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The Golden Misfits; A City of Transients Turned Family

“Are there slot machines in your cafeteria at school?”

“Do you live in a casino?!”

I was born and raised in Las Vegas and whenever I’d travel these were the type of questions I’d get on the regular.  I’d giggle and always respond with:

“Nope.  My school serves gross french bread pizza and I live in a house just like you.”

Then I’d follow it up with a big smile and say,

“My parents are both poker dealers though.”

“No way.  Awesome!!!!”  they’d say.

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Macro Counting

Stay Fit Mom Celebrates 2 Years of Macro Coaching

It’s been two years since our very first coaching group and since then we’ve worked with 1,000 clients!  We are humbled and incredibly grateful that so many women {and DAD BOD’s} have allowed us to come along side them on their journey!  We had a TOUGH time narrowing this list down, but today we wanted to bring you 24 incredible transformations we’ve seen since we opened for business!  These women and men don’t just talk the talk.  They live it out! Continue Reading

4 Mobility Exercises to Sneak Into Your Busy Life by
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4 Mobility Exercises to Sneak into Your Busy Life

This is a sponsored conversation is written by me on behalf of all®. The opinions and text are all mine.

I’ve never been one to pride myself in my flexibility. In fact, for most of my life I haven’t been able to even touch my toes. I remember dreading that P.E. sit-and-reach test, the one where everybody formed a line and watched as I publicly humiliated myself in a feeble attempt to just reach the box. C’mon 14 year old gangly legs! Continue Reading

The best burger I've ever had! This macro friendly burger is to die for! A MUST TRY!
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Bacon Peanut Butter Burger

When you can eat this good and still reach your goals… I love summer because of all the BBQ’ing and amazing grilled food! Hamburgers, hotdogs, bratwurst, tritip, grilled veggies, you name it, I’m all about it! Skipping over all these foods I love is NOT an option for me.  Not enjoying a good meal with my family is NOT an option for me. The fact that I can eat meals like this Bacon Peanut Butter Burger on a regular basis and still lose fat is priceless. Counting your macros allows you to plan in the foods you love and still enjoy all the grilling summer has to offer, guilt free! Continue Reading

No equipment needed, at home, glute workout to firm your butt!

Body Weight Glute Workout

We’re on day three of potty training and I have been imprisoned in my own home until Makenna is ready to go public. I was going a little crazy yesterday so I decided to go in the garage gym and do a quick workout while she was napping. I figured I might as well take some pictures and share what I did here! This is a fun, no equipment needed workout anyone can do! It was just enough to get my heart rate up a bit and to leave me feeling a little sore today. Continue Reading

Easy to make, macros friendly, lightened up ranch dressing! Macros per ounce: .3P/2.8C/3.2F
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Cafe Rio Ranch Dressing Copycat Recipe & Grilled Chicken Sandwich

I’ve been loving this copycat Cafe Rio Ranch Dressing on everything lately!  I used to be lazy and just go buy it at Cafe Rio, but I’ve found that making it myself is cheaper, and is about half the calories. My mom is the queen of this stuff to be honest and she pointed me in the right direction when it came to making it. A couple weeks ago she sent me home with some of her dressing and I finally decided I needed to just make my own already. Today you’re going to get the recipe for yourself along with this easy grilled chicken sandwich that it’s delicious on! Continue Reading

high protein, macro friendly tuna casserole the whole family will love!
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Tuna Casserole

A few weeks ago we were driving home from church when the thought occurred to me that I would REALLY love some tuna casserole.  One of our favorite after church meals growing up in my home was tuna casserole.  Ironically, I remember whining about it (just like my kids did a few weeks ago when I told them what I was making) but then devouring it in about 2.5 seconds (just like my kids did!!). It’s so easy to make and believe it or not, super macro friendly!! Why haven’t I been making this the last few years!?   Continue Reading

High Protein meal perfect for BBQ Season!
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Honey Glazed Chicken Skewers & Greek Lentil Salad

If you follow me on Instagram, you know I have been BBQ’ing it up since Tracy delivered a new BBQ to us a few weeks ago.  I was so excited to finally have a critter free BBQ again that I started BBQ’ing that day and haven’t stopped since.  Did I mention the BBQ she delivered is actually bigger, which means more room for all the meat and veggies!! I’ve been dying to make some chicken skewers and I finally got my chance! You’re also getting a bonus recipe today!  Paired with these skewers is a light Greek Lentil Salad perfect for Spring and Summer!  Continue Reading