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  • Macros aren't for me by Stay Fit Mom.

    Macros Aren’t For Me

    The bottom line is our nutrition program isn’t for everyone. It’s extremely effective and produces incredible results, but it’s not easy.  Weighing, measuring, and logging your food intake can seem burdensome and…

  • Join Stay Fit Mom on the January home cooked meal challenge!
    Macro Counting, Recipes

    Home Cooked Meals in 2019

    This year we’re encouraging our followers to make a New Year’s Resolution they won’t regret.  Nope, it’s not a 30 day elimination diet or a brand new workout regimen.  It doesn’t involve…

  • The HARDEST job in the world.
    Mom Life

    Hanging on for Dear Life

    Have you ever prayed for something so hard, got that one thing, and then realized God had the best sense of humor? When I was young, all I wanted was to be…

  • Raising boys in a women's world.
    Mom Life

    Raising Boys in a Women’s World

    Beyonce’s song,  “Run the World (Girls),” and women’s empowerment hashtags might be flooding pop culture right now, but I’m calling on my sisters to highlight the men in their lives today.  I married…

  • The Stay Fit Moms
    Mom Life

    Because Mama, YOU are a Bad Ass.

    Ever feel like everyday is Groundhog’s day? Last week, as I scrolled through my social media feed I noticed myself gradually getting more unhappy by the minute.  There was that family at…

  • Chuck E Cheese's is a mom's best friend!
    Mom Life

    God Bless Chuck E. Cheese’s

    This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Chuck E. Cheese’s . The opinions and text are all mine. Am I right? Can you collectively join me in an…

  • Macro Counting

    Can I do Macros if…

    Can I do macros if… I have high blood pressure? Hypothyroidism? Type 2 Diabetes? I don’t work out? I’m menopausal? I’ve struggled with eating disorders in the past? I’m gluten free? I’m…