Good to know about macro counting vs. a paleo diet
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Why I Switched From The Paleo Diet to Macro Counting

I’ve been dying to write this post for the past 4 weeks but I didn’t want to jump head first into it until I knew exactly what I wanted to say.  After all, our most famous recipe is the Homestyle Paleo Meatloaf and one of our most popular posts is My Whole30 Grocery List. We are huge fans of paleo and the Whole30 diet and have learned a tremendous amount about food quality because of them.  However, in the Crossfit community, which we clearly love, trends seem to be shifting quickly from the paleo lifestyle to macronutrient counting and we are thrilled about it!  That being said, let me now share a few reasons I love macro counting and how the paleo diet still plays a big role in it. Continue Reading

Crustless Quiche3
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Crustless Quiche

Tracy came over for a play date back in May and we sat on my couch and talked about the possibility of macro counting.  We both felt like we were at a plato and our baby weight wasn’t coming off as easily or quickly as we wanted it to anymore.  We sat and looked at our numbers and figured out what we thought would be a good starting point.  Since then we have both shed almost 10 pounds each and have learned so much.  We are really excited about the progress we are seeing and can’t wait to help others do the same! We will be rolling out a macro counting series this week to help all of you reach your goals right along with us. For now I have a yummy, macro friendly crustless quiche recipe to share with you!
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12 Minute Ascending Ladder Workout

You guys, I put my two older boys in summer preschool because I Could. Not. Take. It. Any. Longer.  115 degree heat, two high energy boys, and 678 fights per day was more than enough reasoning to make the splurge.  Now the YMCA is officially responsible for 3 hours of my daily joy.  I’m thinking about starting a countdown chain link to Christmas, I mean, kindergarten.  Too much?

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20 Minute AMRAP Box Workout

At just about 12 weeks postpartum, I’m starting to feel so much better.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my days, and my kid’s still not sleeping through the night, BUT I think I’m sort of out of the walking zombie stage.  Working out is getting slightly easier.  Ever so slighty. Continue Reading

Check out this mom's incredible transformation. Stay Fit Mom interviews Lee Ann about her journey to lose the weight and her decision to have plastic surgery.
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Mom Crush Lee Ann Coffer

I’ve never had a sister, but I think Lee Ann is pretty much as close as I’ll ever get to one.  This girl is my person.  Outside of my husband, Lee Ann is the friend I reach out to when I want to laugh, cry, or just need to be heard.  She is honest and kind.  She is faithful and she’s a giver.  Our families travel together, Lee Ann and her hubby are our double date buddies, and we are never short on laughs.  These pictures will show you how beautiful Lee Ann is on the outside, but I want you all to know she is just as beautiful on the inside.   Continue Reading

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Easy Crock-Pot Pork Roast {Whole30 Recipe}

This is probably not a recipe you haven’t seen before, but it’s become a staple around this household.  Now that my husband and I have been counting macros for about a month, we eat a lot more lean meat.  I got sick of chicken and ground turkey really quick this past month so I set out to find something different to change things up.  I found some super lean pork roasts at Costco and let me tell you, they are great!  I shared this recipe with Tracy and a few other friends and they loved it so I thought I’d share it with all of you. Keep scrolling for this super Easy Crock-Pot Pork Roast Recipe! Continue Reading

Descending Leg Workout4

Descending Leg Workout

This week’s workout is quick but is sure to leave your legs nice and sore.  This workout is for time which means you need to go through the movements as quickly as possible. Get a nice warm-up in and get after it! Continue Reading

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Why I drag My Kids to the Gym Even Though It’s a Pain in the Ass.

Seven.  That’s typically the amount of complaints that come out of my kids’ mouths when I tell them it’s time to go to CrossFit.  Six.  That’s the number of times I walked over to CrossFit kid prison in the middle of my workout to discipline my kids yesterday.  Five.  That’s the average number of toys I haul to the gym with me along with the car seat, diaper bag, gym bag, water, and snacks.  Four.  That’s how many gym buddies help me keep my kids in line on a regular basis while I’m working out.  Three.  That’s typically how many minutes late I am to the workout by the time I get my kids fed, dressed, and get the bags, toys, water and snacks packed.  Two.  That’s the number of times my middle child has bitten another kid in CrossFit kid prison.  One.  The amount of time (in hours) that I devote to myself instead of my kids in one day. Continue Reading

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Run & Dumbbell Workout

Welcome to another Stay Fit Mom Weekly Workout!  Wether you’re here for your new workout this week or here for the first time we’re glad to have you! We try to post a new workout you can do right at home every week, usually on Wednesday.  I love working out from the comfort of my own home and have seen great results from it.  I don’t do long cardio sessions, and I don’t spend more than an hour getting my workout done. Being fit is as simple as 30 minutes a day 3-5 days a week.  We love Crossfit workouts so that is mostly what you will find here.  We hope you enjoy this week’s workout and remember to tag us on Instagram @StayFitMom_com and @StayFitMomBlog so we can see!  Continue Reading

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@Vega Fueled Card Game Workout

I remember speaking to a group of women about health and fitness early last fall. I talked about how hard it was for me to figure out life after I had baby number two and how it took me 9months to even THINK about working out. Later I announced I was pregnant. One woman asked, “So after you have baby number three… What’s your plan?”

I had no idea. Would I really be able to jump right back into working out 5 days a week? I was optimistic, but I knew I was in for a whirl wind.

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