I should make these for myself and the kids!
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Frozen Yogurt Granola Bites

All ideas, recipes, & opinions are entirely my own however, this is a sponsored post on behalf of wholesome brands, Vans Simply Delicious® & Wallaby® Organic.

Whether you’re joining us on our macro counting journey or you’re just looking to make a wholesome snack, you’ve come to the right place! These cute frozen yogurt granola bites are the perfect little treat before a workout, after a workout, on your way out the door in the morning, or as a late night snack.  My kids have always loved frozen yogurt sticks but never finish them so I thought these would be perfect to share with them too! Continue Reading

Mom Crush Jamie counting macros with StayFitMom.com.
Mom Crush

Mom Crush Jamie Gifford

Everyone needs a friend like Jamie in their life.  I’m lucky enough to call her sister-in-law!  Whenever I’m with Jamie I feel like I can (and often do) pour my heart out.  She is THE best listener.  She’s empathetic, non-judgmental, up for anything, and has a heart of gold.  When Krista and I decided to embark on this macro coaching endeavour, Jamie came to mind first.  I texted her and asked if she’d be up for completely changing any and all ideas she had about nutrition to start macros with us.  Her response, “Why not?!” Continue Reading

Mom Life

Why I Cried Tears of Joy When I Shoved My Kid Out the Door For Kindergarten

Let me start by saying I don’t have a black heart, and I REALLY do love my kids, BUT whoever came up with the phrase, “Separation makes the heart grow fonder” just might have been an exhausted mom of 3 sending her kindergartener off to school for the first time.  I’ve had the privilege of staying home with my oldest son since the day he was born.  For just about six years we have spent every moment of his little life together.  I can remember the first time he reached up for me when he got hurt like it was yesterday.  His first step, his first word, his first everything he experienced with me and pretty much only me, so I get it when moms tear up and brace themselves as they hug their kid good-bye for a whole new adventure that they’ll experience without them.  BUT as I blew Siege a kiss from afar and watched him walk into school for the first time, I took a deep breath and realized my life was about to change FOR THE BETTER… and I was SO right.

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How to fuel your body for optimal performance and recovery from StayFitMom.com

Nutritional Timing: What Should I Eat Before and After My Workout?

Have you ever walked out of the gym feeling like death?  On more occasions than I would like to admit, I have found myself struggling to make it through the day to take care of my little ones.  Women are notorious for running our bodies into the ground.  We are chaffering kids to and from school and activities, sword fighting with one hand while loading laundry with the other, and if your kids are anything like mine you are defying death by legos one trip to the bathroom at a time.

Mom life is already hard enough.  When we fail to properly fuel our bodies for the work we are demanding our bodies to do each and every day, we can cause more harm than good by leaving for the gym. Continue Reading

I love these at home workouts from Stay Fit Mom!

Squat A Lot Workout

I read a Facebook post yesterday from a woman about how other women shouldn’t fall into the trap of dieting and that the fitness industry is basically a big scam.  I couldn’t stop thinking about it all day and honestly it really bothered me.  I think as women we find comfort in sticking to a diet and exercise program, or at least I know I do.  I like knowing what I should or shouldn’t eat, how much of something I should eat, when I should try and eat it, etc.  For me it takes all the guess work out of it and I see results quickly.   Continue Reading

I need to order these games for the next BBQ!
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5 Games You Should Be Playing With Friends & Family

There is nothing I love more than some good quality time arguing with my adult siblings about who scored a point or who’s ball is touching who’s.  I come from a fairly competitive family so when we all get together and play games it can get CRAZY! Sister hating on sister, all hating on my brother, and spouses making threats, but that’s what makes it so fun.  Just in time for cooler weather and many holiday weekends coming up I want to share  5  games you should be playing with friends and family! Continue Reading

At home workouts for busy moms from StayFitMom.com

Run and Burpee Workout

Getting to the gym and focusing on nutrition while raising a family is HARD.  Krista and I try not to sugar coat or paint this picture of how easy it is to do it all.  Some days we feel like we’ve got it somewhat together, and others are complete disasters, but regardless of if you’ve never worked out a day in your life or if you’re a gym fanatic, chances are if you’re reading this you’re striving for growth.

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Mom Crush Rebecca
Mom Crush

Mom Crush Rebecca Berkabile

Every time you look at social media you are bombarded with #fitmoms who appear to be flawless and do everything right.  At Stay Fit Mom we don’t want to be another slap to the face about how you could look so much better or how what you’re doing isn’t good enough. We love sharing REAL life with you and everything that comes along with it.  This is why we are so giddy over our newest mom crush.  I want to introduce you to someone who is just as beautiful on the inside and she is on the outside.  This mom is the most humble person I know, she has an amazing spirit, she is very personable, down to earth, and just radiates happiness. This mom has a true love of health and fitness and she is kind enough to share a little bit of it with all of us. Meet our newest mom crush, Rebecca Berkabile! Continue Reading

Macro Coaching available at stayfitmom.com
Macro Counting

Meet the Stay Fit Mom Macro Coaches

We are thrilled to announce that Stay Fit Mom has opened up services for Macro Coaching!  As a team, we collectively coach 15 women at a time through 6 weeks of personalized nutrition counseling.  Why only 15?  Because we want to give our clients the attention they deserve!  Our coaching services will be conducted through a private Facebook group and will include one-on-one nutrition counseling tailored to your diet, macro adjustments as needed, meal ideas, as well as high levels of accountability and support.   Continue Reading

Super Easy high protein, low fat pudding as a snack
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Protein Pudding

I shared this protein pudding recipe on Instagram stories a couple weeks ago and now it’s come to the blog!  I’d be lying if I said I don’t make this every week.  Between my 5 year old, hubby, and myself we dig on this high protein pudding snack. It’s super easy to make and you can try out new flavors each time you make it. Continue Reading